Wild Potential

Field Notes on Wild Potential

Over the last few years I have gathered some field notes through my journeying — it has helped me alight on the idea of wild potential as an organising principle and rallying cry for building stronger communities, growing brands that matter and transitioning towards a flourishing world.

It is based on a remembering of our inter-connectedness with all life – an innovation lab which is 3.8 billion years old. It has created the conditions for life as we know it through a constant process of evolution – trial and error. In this time 90% of all organisms on earth have died without viable offspring, but not a single one of your ancestors going back to the dawn of life on earth has suffered this usual fate.

In these terms, you are unique, a miracle, the pinnacle of this most extraordinary unfolding of life. Surely then our potential must also be limitless, boundless, wild? But with this potential comes responsibility and what happens next is up to us.

I apply Wild Potential in my work not as a theoretical model but rather a way of facilitating learning journeys so that we can all explore and see change and our own potential differently. Practically this means:

  • A series of practices to support more mindful, connected and purposeful leadership.
  • New ways of seeing seeing the world and our relationship to it seeking inspiration from nature’s life-centred operating system.

You can read the full Field Notes here