Mark Sears

Strategic catalyst.



Hello, I’m Mark,

I hold spaces for the inner led transition to a regenerative culture. My work brings together a range of participatory design and emergent strategy techniques to steward the transition to new ways of leading and organising for tackling systemic challenges in times of volatility, complexity and uncertainty.

My work bridges a range of techniques and approaches. It lies at the intersection where emergent strategy, participatory design, systems theory, co-creation, collaboration, movement building & storytelling meets deep ecology, eco-psychology, soul-centred leadership and nature-based practice.

Everything I do is guided and informed by a number of core themes:

  • Deepening our connection to the more than human world, Understanding how nature organises, regenerates and creates the conditions for life.
  • Building bridges. Solving for complex, embedded and challenging systems change requires an inter-disciplinary approach and an exploration if new forms of collaboration.
  • Inner-led transition. It is increasingly apparent that we won’t think our way to the sort of regenerative culture we urgently need. Instead we need to make an internal shift, with heart and soul.
  • Re-storying the world. The current stories of our time are no longer fit for purpose. Now is the time to co-create new stories and re-animate some really old ones.
  • Experimentation. The urgency and scale of change needed means that are no right answers and no clear paths. Instead we require a commitment to testing ideas, learning, letting go what no longer works, scaling what does.

Working with me is typically a ‘learning journey’, requiring a process of learning and ‘unlearning’, seeing yourself and your work through new eyes, holding spaces for deeper conversations from which change is possible.

Get a sense of how we might work together and check out some of the past and current projects I am involved in,

Mark is one of the few people that we have come across who get how to hold complexity and relate it to solutions. He acts as a conduit between worlds. He has been exactly who we need to take our organisation on a journey of discovery and connection.

He has helped us to see the natural magic that is around us, and most importantly, helped us to see how to overcome some of the barriers that stopped us engaging in that magic…

Karen Creavin – Chief Executive, The Active Wellbeing Society