Learning journeys for pioneering organisations, and changemakers

Step into your wild potential

In order to even begin to understand what’s going on in the world right now, you have to be open to the idea of unlearning almost everything you were taught.

We live in extraordinary times, an unravelling from the known into the unknown is taking place and all of us are called to consider how we can re-imagine and redesign our life and work. We all have an opportunity to re-think the way we participate and collaborate in this future if we choose to take it – this is our wild potential.

It requires a commitment to show up in new ways, to value different behaviours, to have bigger, better, bolder, grander and wilder aspirations in what we set out to achieve, to reignite our imaginations, reconnect to a deeper sense of ourselves, recognising that we are an interconnected part of the natural world and inhabiting a longer view of time.

I have worked at the crossroads of culture change, purposeful brand building, participatory design, creative activism, social innovation, storytelling, deep ecology and nature connection for 25 years. I started my journey with the Virgin Group where I was Head of Group Brand Strategy and I have co-created ecosystems of change with The Wild Network. More recently I have been through my own rewilding journey – time spent learning (and unlearning) from and with the natural world and exploring how these principles can be used to support community building at a local level with The Active Wellbeing Society.

How I work

I support you to create and embody purposeful change so you can step outside of the confines of the normal ways of understanding and living purpose as an organisation or individual.

  1. Holding and facilitating spaces to support the emergence of new thinking and to catalyse change;
  2. Guiding and mentoring change-makers for leaders who want to take radical action.
  3. Participatory learning journeys for organisations to experience change differently;
  4. Keynote and in-house inspiration sessions to inspire you and your team to think and behave differently.

In everything I do I encourage you to step away from the flip chart, turn off the internet and head outside to connect deeply into an innovation lab which is 3.8 billion years old and has created the conditions for life as we know it through a constant process of evolution, trial and error.

I work in three different ways:

1. Community flourishing – wildness for all in our cities

I work with brave and courageous NGO’s, community groups and organisations seeking to support human flourishing by forging a new relationship between community and place. Unleashing the wild potential of every person in every community requires us to design and create spaces fit for everyone, not the privileged few. It means holding braver conversations, adopting a more participatory approach and a new understanding of common and co-operative ownership of land. Designing more equitable and hopeful communities will require radical action on social justice to benefit the most vulnerable citizens so we might bridge the human wellbeing gap that exists.

2. Growing brands that matter – supporting a regenerative future

I work with pioneering leaders in future-thinking companies to re-design and re-imagine both their products and cultural practices so that they can contribute meaningfully to creating a regenerative future. Stepping into your wild potential is about taking positive action to create a purpose that is greater than profit alone. It requires an understanding o the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. It means brands that are committed and courageous to take action to solve social and environmental problems.

3. Living on purpose – with nature, ritual and community

I work with changemakers prepared to lead with heart to build more soulful, nature-connected, community centred lives. Through a process of mentoring & events and involving a series of practices and methods I support a deeper connection to nature, understanding our inter-connection to the living world. My work includes holding spaces for listening, sensing and deep enquiry, using storytelling and ritual to drop deeper into a soulful connection with ourselves and galvanising you to create meaningful action in your life, work or community.

Mark is one of the few people that we have come across who get how to hold complexity and relate it to solutions. He acts as a conduit between worlds. He has been exactly who we need to take our organisation on a journey of discovery and connection. He has helped us to see the natural magic that is around us, and most importantly, helped us to see how to overcome some of the barriers that stopped us engaging in that magic…

Karen Creavin – Chief Executive, The Active Wellbeing Society