Human Rewilding

the principles and practices of living systems 
applied to grow regenerative communities & organisations
by rewilding the way we live and work as humans

Hello, I’m Mark,

I’m a change-agent, strategic catalyst and collaborator working with pioneering people and organisations who are growing regenerative cultures – in service to all life.

I work with embodied ecosystems thinking, which takes the principles of nature (all life) and apply it to modern day organisations and communities. But more than an intellectual idea I am interested in how we feel and embody ecosystems thinking.

To do this, my work bridges a range of techniques and approaches. It lies at the intersection where emergent strategy, participatory design, systems theory, co-creation, collaboration, movement building & storytelling meets deep ecology, eco-psychology, soul-centred leadership and nature-based practice.

Working with me requires a process of learning and ‘unlearning’, seeing ourselves and our work through new eyes, fostering deeper conversations with ourselves, each other and the change we want to create.

I work in the following ways:

  • Consultant, facilitator and strategic catalyst with pioneering organisations on projects working to address complex systemic problems.
  • Guide and mentor supporting individual and/or collective change journeys.
  • Speaker, writer & storyteller bringing a unique perspective and transformational insights from the wild edge of change.

Mark is one of the few people that we have come across who get how to hold complexity and relate it to solutions. He acts as a conduit between worlds. He has been exactly who we need to take our organisation on a journey of discovery and connection.

He has helped us to see the natural magic that is around us, and most importantly, helped us to see how to overcome some of the barriers that stopped us engaging in that magic…

Karen Creavin – Chief Executive, The Active Wellbeing Society