Human Rewilding

For organisations, communities and human beings

I guide and support pioneering humans and the organisations & communities that they are a part of.

Creating the conditions for flourishing in times of transition.

Are you ready to evolve and adapt?

We live in extraordinary times, an unravelling from the known into the unknown is taking place and all of us are called to consider how we can re-imagine and redesign our life and work.

You have an opportunity to re-think the way you participate and collaborate in this future. It requires a commitment to show up in new ways, to value different behaviours, to have bigger, better, bolder, grander and wilder aspirations in what you set out to achieve. It means reigniting your imagination, reconnecting to a deeper sense of yourself and inhabiting a longer view of time – recognising that you are an interconnected part of the living world.

Work with me

​I partner with organisations of all kinds:

For profit, not for profit, NGO’s, foundations, and community organisations.

The services I offer include:
  • Strategic catalyst – co-creation and participative leadership, designing the transition from old ways of organising to new generative ones.
  • Guide and mentor – supporting and empowering pioneers of change
  • Speaking, writing and storytelling – from the wild edge of change
My work extends across three areas:
  • Communities – forging new relationships between people and place
  • Organisations – re-designing organisations for positive change
  • Humans – leading with fearless hope in times of transition

Mark is one of the few people that we have come across who get how to hold complexity and relate it to solutions. He acts as a conduit between worlds. He has been exactly who we need to take our organisation on a journey of discovery and connection.

He has helped us to see the natural magic that is around us, and most importantly, helped us to see how to overcome some of the barriers that stopped us engaging in that magic…

Karen Creavin – Chief Executive, The Active Wellbeing Society