Wilder Communities

I work with brave and courageous NGO’s, community groups and organisations seeking to support human flourishing by forging a new relationship between community and place.

1. Community land ownership

Reclaiming the wild commons, a new relationship between humans and their environment. Re-distributing power and re-imagining spaces for connection and participation based on common or co-operative principles.

2. Green space deprivation & land justice

Overcoming the barriers to wildness that mean for many people nature is not accessible, available or aspirational. This mean holding braver conversations and radical action at the intersection of land and social justice and a commitment for deeper reflection and intentioned action to overcome deep-seated systemic barriers.

3. Wild Wellbeing

Developing and delivering in-community, nature-based therapeutic wellbeing programmes. Exploring opportunities for social prescribing that mean that natural wellbeing can be made available to all.

4. Tactical urbanism & placemaking

Harnessing co-creative and participative design practices in communities to co-design thriving communities as places for people. Working at the speed of trust, building deeper relationships and ensuring the voices of children and other marginalised groups are heard and built into design process.

5. Community food growing

Growing and supporting sustainable food growing especially within urban areas and using reclaimed common space. Increasing participation, cohesion, and connection through food growing, sharing and community building.

Wilder Organisations

I work with pioneering leaders in future-thinking companies to re-design and re-imagine both their products and cultural practices so that they can contribute meaningfully to creating a regenerative future.

1. Purpose

Taking positive and courageous action to create a purpose that is greater than profit alone and being committed to being active in solving social and environmental problems. It requires an ‘ecosystems’ approach to organisational design, recognising impact on individuals, communities and the earth as well as adopting long-time thinking.

2. Creativity

Ideas have the power to change things, for good. But organisations become stuck and stale and entrenched behaviours stifle innovation. Moving into positive action requires seeking inspiration from the wild edge of change and connecting to new ways to help your ideas fly.

3. Wellbeing

As the old world and ways of working change we face anxiety, grief and overwhelming, Designing in ways of supporting resilience during times of complexity, letting go of the illusion of control, learning to lead in places where there are no maps.

4. Culture

Creating a culture where change can thrive. Remembering that change is not a single speed activity, it’s more subtle than that. Sprint. Let go. Sow seeds. Rest. Repeat. Unlearning everything we have been taught and open-up to more human ways of working with empathy, humility gratitude and collaboration.

5. Collaboration

We have become used to collaborating with people like us, they think like us, work like us. Change doesn’t work like that it requires diversity, open exchange and complexity, seeing networks as an ecosystem. Thriving places of reciprocity and interconnectedness with continuous positive feedback loops where each partner feeds the other, greater than the sum of its parts.

Wilder Humans

I work with change-makers prepared to lead with heart to build more soulful, nature-connected, community centred lives. Using a range of practices and methods that support a deeper connection to nature and an understanding of our inter-connection to the living world to create hold spaces for listening, sensing and deep enquiry. Galvanising you to create meaningful action in your life, work or community. 

1. The Village

Developing new networks of support to empower and sustain us as we journey through times of transition

2. More than Human

Connecting to nature everyday and allow this to support our deeper connection to ourselves and how we participate in the world.

3. Life Rhythms

Techniques to attune to the circular rhythm of life and how it can restore balance and resilience in times of change.

4. Ritual

The role of everyday ritual to ground, connect and empower, supporting us to reflect and to take action.

5. Head, heart and hands

Approaches for the embodiment of change working with our minds, bodies and hearts.

“In order to even begin to understand what’s going on in the world right now, you have to be open to the idea of unlearning almost everything you were taught”