Meet Mark

“You dream about magic as a boy, what if, what if I could really change things? Most people grow up and forget we have that ability, that power, that alchemy to transform dreams into reality”

– Goldie

(I have it on good authority that girls dream of magic too)

I have spent 20 years creating change and supporting purpose-led impact. I act as a bridge between systems, a translator of ideas into action and as a guide, holding spaces where change can happen.

I have guided and supported brand strategy for the Virgin Group of companies, ventured into social innovation and systems change and built collaborative movements. More recently I have researched and experienced the power of ‘human rewilding’. I’ve learned how, by learning from and working with natural systems, we can transform the way we live and work, so that we can thrive in uncertainty and change.

I bring together my experience in purposeful brand building, participatory design, creative activism, social innovation, storytelling and deep ecology to inspire new ways of thinking and feeling and the emergence of better ways of doing business.

It has been a diverse journey, but the themes of wild and change have been there throughout and that is what I now bring to the clients I work with.

I live deep in the Dart Valley in Devon, between the moor and the sea with my wife and two wild children. I work with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

These same themes always persist:

  • It is about adapting in complex times.
  • Acting courageously to make positive change happen
  • And living to your wild potential.

Working with Mark is like having a bridge taking you from where you are, to where you need to be. He will challenge your teams thinking and behaviours in a manner I have not ever experienced before.  Mark has made a measurable and lasting difference to my own business, and his credentials speak for themselves.

I can’t think of an organisation that would not benefit from the impact he makes!

David Hyner – MD, Stretch Development Ltd