The services I offer include the following:

Consultant, facilitator and strategic catalyst. I support the emergence of regenerative brands, ideas, campaigns, stories and ways of working in an open and participative way. I hold spaces for new design approaches to emerge and host creative sprints to co-create change with diverse audiences. I help catalyse new thinking, stepping into the places where your ideas can flourish.

Guide and mentor. As a mentor, guide and sherpa I encourage deeper reflection and courageous action. I work with creative, maverick thinkers applying regenerative, life-centred techniques to create positive change in their organisation and/or community.

Speaker & writer. I deliver bespoke in-house inspiration sessions and keynote talks. My talks span all areas of my work from building regenerative, purposeful organisations, rewilding childhood and the real-life barriers to it and supporting wildness within urban communities.

Storyteller. I work both in the ancient tradition of telling around the fireside and the more modern practice of storytelling. It allows me to explore ideas from the wild edge of change, bringing new stories to life in new and compelling ways.

I work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, for-profit, not-for profit, social entrepreneurs, co-operatives, solopreneurs and intrapreneur change-makers. What they all have in common is a desire to work and approach positive change differently.

I work in a variety of ways, this might mean as an independent change catalyst for your project or as part of collaboration where impact can be scaled.

Mark is like a physical bridge to new way of working, thinking and being for individuals and organisations. Mark brings a wealth of experience in the commercial and not for profit worlds, combining the best of each.

Mark also has a unique way of looking at the world and with his highly collaborative and engaging style, he has a knack of bringing people with him, more than that, they think it was their idea in the first place!

Nick Stace – UK CEO, The Prince’s Trust