Work with me

“Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.”

– Joseph Beuys

Whether you are a pioneering organisation or individual creating change there are four ways to work with me. Each one will support you to go to the wild edge of your thinking and realise that is where the best ideas come from – outside of the normal and comfortable.

Action Learning and Research

I work with pioneering organisations to explore how working with nature and using life-centred design we can and drive collective action within communities.

Through longer-term collaborations and enquiry I deliver:

  • Creative campaigning and movement building.
  • Holding spaces for collaborative action.
  • Action research and collective learning.

My work is primarily across the following core themes:

  • Participatory practices that encourage unheard voices of youth and the marginalised to influence decision making.
  • Inclusivity in the environmental movement and the links between environmental issues and social justice.
  • Overcoming inequalities in access to green space that negatively affects wellbeing outcomes for the most deprived communities.
  • Developing the skills networks needed to support nature connection in urban areas.
Walkshops, events, courses and retreats

Change doesn’t happen around a flip-chart. Your purpose isn’t hiding on the internet. Fieldwork is designed to help you as an organisation or as individual creating change to step into the immensity of your wild potential. The programmes are designed to support the using this sort of rapid scale, systemic action required in a world in need of better solutions.

Every Fieldwork session is unique and constellated around the specific nature of the enquiry you have and the change you are creating. We work in some unique locations across the UK but also work with you to create the spaces for the Fieldwork magic to happen in your everyday life close to your workspace or community. The sorts of programmes Fieldwork can support include:

  1. As a unique leadership development and training programme helping you see and experience change differently.
  2. As a company away day or longer retreat.
  3. As open events and training programmes for individual changemakers.

Stepping into our wild potential we’ll explore 5 core themes – purpose, culture, collaboration, wellbeing and creativity and use them to build a collective understanding of the change we are creating and then galvanise to take action, moving purposefully and creatively to bring that change to life.

1-2-1 mentoring and guiding

This is not your ‘business as usual’ change programme. To sit around a fireside is an ancient thing – the flame draws us in, encourages us to go deeper, explore the edges of our own understanding, understand new ways of seeing and creating change.

We’ll explore the following themes:

  1. Your role in creating positive change – are you living your wild potential?
  2. Being of service to your deepest purpose as a conscious leader.
  3. Navigate these changing times with confidence, rolling with change as it comes up.
  4. Build resilience & supporting wellbeing to avoid burnout as a leader.
  5. Creating long-term value through your culture as you grow.
  6. Develop richer collaborations as ecosystems of change.
  7. Unlocking ideas with improved creativity so you can take action.

Keynote and in-house inspiration sessions

Whether you are looking for a unique keynote for your conference, or a half-day bespoke inspiration session within your organisation I bring a stimulating, engaging and thought-provoking way of seeing and experiencing change.

I will share my journey with stories gained from my unique influences, including the boardroom at Virgin, urban social change and lessons learned from time in the wilderness.

It will give you the tools, inspiration and confidence to unleash your wildest potential in times of uncertainty and change. 

My diverse experiences and influences will give your audience or your team the knowledge and skills to create a positive and lasting change. It will show how each and every one of us has the inner potential to make extraordinary things happen. 

All we need to do is step into the immensity of our wild potential.

‘Mark is like a physical bridge to new way of working, thinking and being for individuals and organisations. Mark brings a wealth of experience in the commercial and not for profit worlds, combining the best of each.

Mark also has a unique way of looking at the world and with his highly collaborative and engaging style, he has a knack of bringing people with him, more than that, they think it was their idea in the first place!’

Nick Stace – UK CEO, The Prince’s Trust